If you do not have a credit card, you can also pay with PayPal or a bank transfer. In that case we have to adjust this manually in our system. You can first create your account here: Once you have created an account you can contact us. This is possible after registering via "support" in the menu. We will then send you a payment link and after the payment you will receive the rights to view everything within the community.

You can add a video if you have a question about it, or you can simply add a video if you want to show us something. You can do this by first uploading your video on YouTube or Vimeo. Once you have uploaded the video, then copy the link (URL) in the topic. If you have video on Vimeo, it can be played directly from the topic. If the video is on Youtube, you can click on your link and open the video in Youtube.

Within our community you can opt for a monthly or quarterly subscription. You can cancel each month or quarter. You are not stuck with anything for a long time if you do not want this!

This can be done by sending an email with your username (email address) and full name, to Your membership will then be terminated on the last day of your payment term. As an example: If you joined on December 1 and you have a monthly subscription. Then you paid until December 31st. If you stop your membership on December 15, we will cancel your subscription on January 1st. If you have a quarterly subscription, it always runs until the end of the quarter that you paid.

You are probably not logged in yet. After your payment you have received an email with your temporary password. Once you log in you have direct access to all training courses.

You can also send private messages within the community. You do this as follows: 1. Click on the envelope next to your profile picture and name 2. Your message inbox now opens. 3. You can send new messages here and read received messages.

If you are a free member of our community, you will not have access to all boards and topics. To get unlimited access, you need a paying membership. This is possible with a monthly or quarterly subscription. You can become a paid member here: If you would prefer more information, you can find it here:

You can do this by starting a new topic. Click "Community" in the menu and choose the correct category. Then click on "start topic" and you can ask your question.

We continue to supplement our training courses with new training courses. But do you miss a training, let us know! We will then look at the possibilities to prepare a training for this as soon as possible.

We will add a live training at least once a week. In addition, all other training sessions are continuously updated. This will therefore become more and more. Are you missing a training? Or do you have a suggestion for a fun new training? Let us know!

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